I dreamt of you last night and you told me you were sorry for the words that were said.


you ever in the mood to get hit by a car and spend like 1 month in the hospital 

Fuck you

I’m going to fucking hurt this bitch and I don’t give a damn if I get hurt in the process I’m over her fucking controlling my friend and not letting her talk to me for no fucking reason. I’m fucking over it it’s been 2 goddamn years since I’ve seen my friend because of this stale ass bitch. Fuck her. I’ve never had a problem with anyone but if you’re going to fucking hate me for no apparent reason I’m going to retaliate. If I had a car I’d drive my ass to her. You don’t fucking deserve her. Block me from every fucking site, control her phone I don’t fucking care anymore I’ll do whatever I can to get your fucking attention and show what a fucking cunt you are. When I see you you bet your ass I’m going to see my friend and ignore your dumb ass. I fucking hate you.

789,909 plays Once upon a December Anastasia OST





Once Upon A December. Anastasia in Russian.  This would be the language that she would have sung in.


This is so much better than the English version. Omg.

woooooow it’s so much prettier in Russian.


i automatically classify anything over $5 as expensive

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